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  Mission Statement  

Crab Orchard Elementary School's Mission:
"To provide all students with an exemplary educational experience, instilling integrity, and creating responsible learners with a personal commitment to learning."

  About The School  

School Profile

Located between Interstate 40 and Highway 70 in the community of Crab Orchard, is the simple elementary school which has evolved from an open concept institution of the 1970's to a renovated, traditional structure of the 21st century.  Fieldstone and brick cover the outside walls. Inside houses Pre-K through 8th grade classes with 20 homeroom teachers.  Michelle England serves as principal, and Debbie Beaty serves as vice principal of the school.  PTO, ball games, family nights, and special programs throughout the year draw large crowds from the community, revealing the bond between school and local supporters.

Our Vision

Crab Orchard Elementary School's Vision:

"Create a community with a passion for learning, where innovative instruction provides opportunities for success."

Our Slogan

Crab Orchard Elementary School's Slogan:

"A place to imagine, learn, create, and achieve."

What We Believe

Crab Orchard Elementary School Believes:
  • That students should be actively involved in the development and success of their academic learning (Decision-Making).
  • That learning should be valued, challenging, engaging, and a lifelong experience (Learning and Instruction).
  • That students should be given a clean, well-maintained, positive learning environment in which to learn and excel (Learning).
  • That students, parents, faculty, and staff should aspire to reach their goals and high expectations (Learning).
  • That students, benefiting from highly-qualified teachers, staff, and parents, will continue to advance academically through the use of state standards, policies, and benchmarks created for student learning (Assessment, Policy, and Learning).
  • That the educational organization will strive to promote a challenging and interactive learning environment as the school and community collaborate to encourage learning (Decision-Making).
  • That by investing time, talent, and money in our students' futures, stakeholders will ensure students succeed as productive global citizens (Learning and Instruction).
  • That school board members, central office deputy directors, school administrators, staff, parents, and students alike should value dedication and the respect of learning (Learning and Instruction).
  • That students, faculty, and staff should set goals that include technology-based instruction and learning (Instruction and Learning).

Our 2016-2017 Goals

Crab Orchard Elementary School's 2016-2017 Goals:

  1. Positively increase community involvement
  2. Model consistent positive behavior
  3. Achieve high expectations through rigorous learning
  4. Promote a positive and supportive environment