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2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR


TITLE I - Improving Academic Achievement:  Disadvantaged Students

       $2,023,685.34 allocation, our largest Federal Program grant

       Money can be used in and for Title I schools only to supplement, not supplant

       There are 10 Title I schools in the Cumberland County School System during FY17; our 9 elementary schools plus The Phoenix School

       Based on poverty rate - percentage of free and reduced meal qualifiers

       Maintenance of Effort ranking "spirals down from highest to lowest poverty"

       Contains several "subparts"; minimum of 35% poverty rate required

       Has 588 regulations; must serve schools with 75% poverty rate

       Most of this grant is used for salary and benefits for teachers and aides

       Title I currently pays salaries and benefits for 7 teachers, 19 paraprofessionals, 20 instructional facilitators

       Provides supplemental supplies, materials, plus computer software and hardware

       Provides professional development for teachers and tutoring for at-risk students

       Provides parental involvement money on a per pupil basis for students in poverty attending Title I schools

       Provides school needs money for homeless students


TITLE I-A - Neglected and Delinquent Children

$11,635.95 allocation is released to the State of Tennessee for Crossville's Cumberland Mountain School


TITLE II - Preparing, Training, & Recruiting High Quality Teachers & Principals

       $292,132.00, our second largest Federal Program

       Pays salary and benefits for three instructional coaches

       Pays for staff development programs based on school system data

       Pays for conferences, workshops, "bringing in the experts" and travel for ongoing, research-based training in core academic subjects

       Pays for teachers to become "Highly Qualified" as required by NCLB

       Pays stipends for mentors to support new teachers


TITLE II-D - Improving Technology

This grant has been eliminated, spent and zeroed out, no more money expected


TITLE III - Language Instruction:  Limited English Proficient; Immigrant Students

       $12,477.42 grant for English Language Learners

       May not be used for required ESL teacher or teacher aide salaried and benefits

       Used for instructional equipment, supplies, and professional development

       ELL instruction currently delivered at 10 of our 12 schools

       Pine View and The Phoenix School are currently the only schools without ELLs

       Four teachers and two aides will deliver instruction to more than 120 English language learners system-wide


TITLE IV - Safe and Drug Free Schools

       All funding for this Title program has been eliminated, spent and zeroed out

       We write a separate "Safe Schools Grant" from the State of Tennessee to support a system-wide counselor's salary and benefits.


TITLE V - Promoting Informed Parental Choice/Creative & Innovative Programs

•       All funding for this Title Program has been eliminated, spent and zeroed out

       Money can NO LONGER be transferred into this program from other Titles


TITLE VI - Rural and Low-Income School (RLIS) Program

       $157,489.87 grant for rural, low income school systems, must qualify by poverty rate

       Can be used in Title I, Title II, Title III and Title IV-like fashion

       Pays 1.6 FTE salary, benefits and retirement for two supplemental ESL aides

       Pays 50% salary, benefits and retirement for our instructional facilitator

       Pays for in county travel expenses for instructional coaches to provide technical assistance to schools


Consolidated Administration 

    Cost to administer all Federal Programs and is limited to no more than 20% of each grant (except for Title III which is limited to 2%)

    Cumberland County will only use 10% of our total allocation (10% from Title I, 6% from Title II, 1% from Title III and 20% from Title VI) for all administrative costs, a total of $248,579.03.